Ahoy, I Had Shipping Delays

Daniel Snell
2 min readJan 18, 2022
Shipping Delays Turn Into Learnings For Success.

I have been participating in Ship30for30 since the start of January and have truly become addicted to the concept of shipping content daily.

However, I knew there would be a time where I eventually hit that moment where I would not ship.

My biggest fear is that I would hit that day, then that day would turn into multiple days, cascading into my previous habit of never shipping.

To my surprise, the level of regret and sheer dissatisfaction from not shipping surprised me.

Not shipping once was a blessing in disguise, and I finally have identified the actual value and growth from Ship30for30 from this experience.

I wanted to outline some of the critical benefits of shipping daily and the mental benefits of writing daily.

(1/4): Writing has become my source of direction.

I have enjoyed writing daily so much that it has become part of my process for starting the days.

I no longer think about what needs to be accomplished, and I focus on the day’s themes and use that to channel content creation.

(2/4): Accountability to myself

One of the main things I struggled with was being a man of many ideas but little documentation.



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