I Am The Imposter.

Daniel Snell
2 min readFeb 17, 2022


Own being the imposter until you’re the expert.

In today’s professional and entrepreneur culture, imposter syndrome is one of the most prevalent topics that regularly plagues all new professionals and entrepreneurs.

Throughout my career, I have constantly faced the battle with imposter syndrome. I will be sharing exactly how I overcame it and the mindset required to live a happy, successful career full of self-development and growth.

Fake it till you make it culture

When I was first kicking off my digital career, I constantly leaned on the phrase “Fake it till you make it.” See, I had no education; I was entirely self-taught and nothing but ideas and a hard work ethic.

In my time, I noticed, the more I positioned myself as an expert, even when I wasn’t, the more impactful imposter syndrome became. Then I realized, ‘Fake it till you make it” means, “Be the imposter, until you aren’t.” I learned to accept myself as the imposter and even focused on creating situations where typically, my imposter syndrome would create self-doubt and sabotage.

Throughout this process, I understood that being the imposter was a good thing, and it meant that I was learning and pouring myself into those learnings to create true expertise that I could share with others. However, the process of feeling uncomfortable and learning how to thrive in awkward situations is something that everyone struggles to overcome. Still, you can turn it into a super-powered skill if you know to own your truth.


Next time Imposter syndrome creeps into your mind, remember, you may be the imposter, but at least you’re taking steps to become the expert through being the imposter. Use this mindset to thrive without guilt.



Daniel Snell

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