I Won The Lottery

Daniel Snell
4 min readFeb 5, 2022
Believing in yourself is more valuable than any set of numbers.

Prologue: Believing in yourself is more valuable than any set of numbers.

Everyone wants to get lucky… You hear it all the time.

Growing up, I always heard about the lottery every week of my life.

My parents always played, and I watched and observed. They constantly attempted to win little opportunities that life had to offer, continually looking for the hope of the eventual special occasion where they were selected.

I constantly thought to myself, why not make your lottery?

Most people are so focused on winning the unobtainable when they could have produced obtainable goals with the same results.

Set big goals, but don’t set goals based on luck. I have never wanted to win a lottery or get lucky, probably from observing the obscurity of fate.

I hear the phrases “what if I won,” “if I get lucky,” and “wouldn’t it be nice” all the time from friends, family, business owners, clients, and the one consistent thing I think to myself is:

“Why would I want anything that I didn’t earn?”

I have always thought like this, even as a child. I was a lazy student; I never applied myself, I could have cheated my way through school and copied off my friends, who were all straight-A students, but I always felt that I didn’t deserve more than what my actions represented.

Time and time again, I have been faced with situations. These situations gave me the option to manufacture luck with a guarantee. I had to choose between taking advantage of an opportunity that I didn’t earn or building it myself. Even if it meant losing it all, I always preferred to make it myself.

If losing it all was the outcome, then that’s what I deserve, and I have done just that several times over.

Here’s the thing most successful individuals don’t teach others.

The failures you face, the moments you’re least proud of, are the moments of inspiration throughout your journey.



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