Let’s Be Nomadic.

Daniel Snell
2 min readJan 23, 2022
Home is where I can be creative without judgment.

Somedays, I wonder whether or not the walls we invest in are genuinely worth the time we put into them.

I don’t understand the perspective of most, I’ve never felt the things valued by the majority are actually of value or worth preserving, nor the focus we give them.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I feel like normality was dreamt up by those looking to create control.

Why should we focus on the walls we invest in, what is the point of buying fancy boxes with wheels, and why would one pay more pieces of paper for a bag just because it has a different brand.

However, the marketer in me completely understands the prospect of creating an identity through one’s efforts. You choose to work, and the reward for your effort is consumption.

While this makes complete sense to the marketer in me, the person within decides to believe that he is misguided.

Living life minimally is something that I’ve always valued, I don’t own a single thing that I am incapable of discarding, and that’s the way I prefer it.

Many find this strange.

The majority see every little purchase as a future investment, a reward for their time and effort.

I view these purchases as the tools of the moment…

Nothing more than a fleeting requirement of meaningless consumption…

Just another… Short-sighted result of short-term gains, with little to no value other than the selfish satisfaction of the moment, just another tool, a tool without value, one that was poorly selected, just another tool to consume your time… Consume your effort…. Consume your life…

I may be too radical for most, in fact, I hear this opinion all the time about the way I approach life in almost every aspect.

However, I believe it’s time to leave these walls behind and explore a new type of life, I believe this because I have yet to do something that most find correct and find value within…

I think it’s time to live a life that doesn’t require a box, although, in one way or another, there is always a box we live within. It just takes different shapes.

The life lived by most is nothing more than a series of boxes within one another that they can never escape from, and that is a life I don’t want to live.

Let’s be nomadic, find a box with wheels that allows for exploration, see a life that will enable constant states of change, and most importantly, keep creativity as the priority of our efforts.

If one is to provide action, the reward should manifest their creativity, not the consumption of someone else’s.



Daniel Snell

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