Sometimes The Horse Dies.

Daniel Snell
2 min readJan 20, 2022


Self Sabotage takes a “special” type of effort.

When it comes to relationships, you can never be sure of the connection from another perspective. I, for one, have always been one that has been upfront and honest about my relationship, and I attempt to help when I have the time and extend my hand when I can.

I’ve always been curious about the other’s perspective at the moment, as I am an optimistic individual who believes that a relationship has been developed.

Sometimes you encounter those individuals you’ve helped, and they still failed.

It’s always a sad situation when you’ve invested time into someone who seems to have missed the value of the advice entirely.

However, what can you do for a horse other than lead it to water? If it can’t manage to take a sip, do you let the horse die or force the hose down the throat?

It’s an exciting perspective helping others. Some individuals will entirely run and flourish with the information, but often it comes back to the situation where, if they didn’t pay for the advice, likely they aren’t invested in the guidance.

No matter how much help they ask for, they’re likely going to fail because they lack the accountability to get the job done, which is a sad situation, but you have to own the fact that you attempted to do your best by them.

In other words, keep being you, keep trying to help, but don’t invest in the outcomes of those who aren’t willing to equally invest in their success.

Hopefully, they will realize where they went wrong and fix it one day.

Unfortunately, they had to waste more time than required to conclude.



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