Will You Sink Or Swim?

Daniel Snell
3 min readJan 21, 2022
Life’s what you make it, do whatever you want.

You will often find yourself in situations where life isn't exactly fair throughout your journey.

Most encounter these situations and consider them "the world is just against me," whereas I have always taken the approach of "this is my time to shine."

It doesn't matter whether you've done something 100 times over or it's the very first time.

The challenges were always present.

If you didn't take the time to prepare for those challenges, you would be faced with shock and awe.

Live Life Strategically

Throughout life, you will be faced with these moments, and eventually, with the right feedback system, you will identify those patterns of challenges and start to create a strategy.

Establishing a system to help you think strategically will put you ahead of the curve and allow you to gain an advantage in times of potential defeat.

The more challenging the situation, the bigger reward, but it's up to you to think this way.

If you choose to give in to the challenge, life will be nothing more than a series of failures.

However, if you take on the challenge and overcome it and accept the potential loss of all things as a realistic outcome, you have nothing left to fear.

Be Prepared For The Void

I live my life with the thought that everything I have is optional.

I don't believe that any specific person, place, or thing is an absolute constant.

I have accepted that I may be forced to live within the void at any moment.

This is the motivation I provide myself every day to overcome challenges. I never focus on what I want, only maintaining and excelling in my personal development in a way that prevents me from encountering the void.

Although, I am always ready to live within the void, as the void teaches you many things about yourself.

If you have ever faced massive loss, you will understand the concept of the void.

When most face the void, they roll over and die, give up, get desperate, and return to the poverty mindset of life that most subscribe to.

When I face the void, I use it as an opportunity to start anew.

I knew that nothing I could lose other than my life would prevent me from achieving my goals, and I will forever and always be willing to make those required sacrifices to achieve those goals.

Set Unachievable Goals

When most individuals set goals, they constantly try to think "realistically," which is one way to go about your life; however, I find this to be a lackluster approach.

When you think realistically, you determine the constraints of your reality.

I believe that life has no constraints, and there is no limit to what can be achieved.

If someone sets an achievable goal, they aren't prepared to develop the following plan until the first is met.

In contrast, when you set unachievable goals, the concept of goal setting for realistic milestones is trivial and easily achievable.

If you subscribe to a life of constraints, you will always live within the box.

However, take a moment to remove those constraints and learn to observe your life and live stoically.

You will find far more value in the struggles of life and the process of obtaining unrealistic goals than you ever would achieving your limited, constrained goals.

Life is an experience. Make it what you want.

You can choose whatever life you want.

You can spend it with others…

Work it away, for someone else's goals…

Waste it spending time worrying about others, and what they think…


You can take absolute control of your reality and make whatever you want achievable.

I choose the latter.

I am always willing to grind for what I want, no matter how difficult, or how much time it requires, regardless of the sacrifice.

The question is…

Will you spend your life swimming towards your mission?

A mission that continuously grows with no end in sight…


Will you spend it in a constant state of drowning?



Daniel Snell

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